Who we are:

HABITUS seeks to provide a forum for examining the social world. We envision a unique outlet for the publication of undergraduate work in the social sciences, with a central focus on sociology. We hope to create a document, in print and online, that combines the intellectual rigor of an academic journal with the dynamic format of an undergraduate magazine. Issues will center around changing themes to integrate a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, and in addition to showcasing high-quality academic papers at the core of every issue, HABITUS may feature thought-provoking work in other formats - for example: photographic work, columns, and book or film reviews.

HABITUS believes that rigorous, stimulating social science discourse can and should be presented in a lively and dynamic format in order to draw attention to the essential relevance of the social sciences to the intellectual life of our campus. HABITUS seeks to catalyze activity around the study of Sociology and the Social Sciences at Yale and to amalgamate a community of undergraduates interested in the investigation of the social world.